Aircraft Inspectors- Hawker, Challenger, Gulfstream series

Job Summary
On behalf of one of our MRO clients we are recruiting for Aircraft Inspectors on any of the above aircrafts.

Job Responsibilities

1. Performing preliminary, hidden-damage, in-process and final inspections on civil aviation articles in accordance with the current technical data provided in the manufacturer’s instructions for continued airworthiness, Service Bulletins, service letters, Airworthiness Directives, government and industry standard practices, and other data.
2. Ensuring that the inspection tools and equipment, including inspection aids, used to perform inspections are in proper working order and the proper calibration information is affixed. Understanding the current specifications involving inspection tolerances, limitations, and procedures established by the manufacturer of the article(s) being inspected.
3. Ensure all inspections are properly performed and recorded, and all records are properly executed before final approval for return to service of articles maintained or altered by this repair station.
4. He shall adhere to the details of inspection standards, methods and procedures used by the AMO in complying with all FAR’s/EASA, Airworthiness Guides, Manufacturers specifications and recommendations.
5. Ensure compliance with requirements for continuity of inspection responsibilities, ensuring completion of Required Inspection Items (RII) when personnel shift change or assignments occur.
6. Ensure all inspections are properly performed and certified on all completed work before it is approved for return to service, and that proper maintenance and inspection records, reports and forms required for such release are properly executed.
7. Ensure that rejected, unserviceable or non-airworthy parts are not installed in any article released by the repair station to ensure that these parts are handled in such a manner as to prevent their re-use as serviceable parts, i.e. proper tagging and identification. 

Qualifications and Competencies

​1. To be able to do up to 72 months inspection
2. Current and rated on any (HS 700/750/800/850XP/900XP), (CL 601/4/5), (G450/550/650)
3. B1/B2, A and P or ICAO licenses acceptable
4. To relocate to the Middle East, more details on application
5. Understands the authorities’ regulation (FAA/EASA), Airworthiness Directives, methods, techniques, and practices contained in the applicable manufacturers’ maintenance and alteration documents, and/other data acceptable to or approved by the authorities and used by the repair station.
6. Is thoroughly familiar with the applicable r inspection methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment, and tools used to determine the airworthiness of the article on which maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations are being performed.
7. Is proficient in using various types of mechanical and visual inspection aids appropriate for the articles being inspected and approved for return to service.


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