Aviation Security Manager

Position Overview: 

The Aviation Security Manager reports directly to the director of safety, security and quality and has delegated responsibility in his absence. The primary role of the Aviation Security Manager is to assist in the management, development and implementation of network-wide operational security standards and procedures in accordance with international security legislation ensuring maximum security measures are taken to safeguard passengers, crew, staff and property thus ensuring that their safety is not jeopardized by a break down in Security Systems.


  • Identify and protect company assets through the development and implementation of security protocols against flight, ground, maintenance & airport operations.

  • Make sure that staff follow security procedures and guidelines through training programs and assessments

  • Ensure the safety of staff and customers within the workplace

  • Perform security process evaluations and inspections

  • Prepare the organization and staff for external inspections

  • Manage the budget for security operations within an organization

  • Control security department spending

  • Hire and train security staff

  • Establish and maintain contacts both internally and externally to gather information on rules, legislations and policies to safe guard the Airline.

  • Evaluate threats and decide course of action ensuring there is limited disruption to the operation and that passengers, crew, staff, property and aircraft are safe

  • Guide and advise staff and airport authorities on security search techniques and control wherever necessary during search and evacuation of aircraft/premises in response to bomb threats and other security incidents.

  • Assist in the review of security training for Flight Crew, maintenance crew and Ground Personnel and provide guidance and assistance to Training Instructors.

  • Review and update Security Regulations, Directives and Bulletins as appropriate for dissemination.

  • Assist in conducting internal and external audits network wide and ensure corrective action is taken to ensure findings are resolved and closed.

  • Maintain an understanding of all national and international AVSEC legislation and their amendments/enhancements/changes that may affect operations

  • Provide relevant security training

  • Investigating criminal activity and malpractice.

  • Assist Head of Security in carrying out his responsibilities and to carry out any other assignment and missions on his behalf, whenever required.

  • Attend regular meetings on behalf of the Head of Corporate Security in their absence.

  • Travel to multiple base locations for inspection and compliance assurance. 


  • Minimum University graduate from an accredited institution.

  • Minimum 7 years’ experience in Aviation security industry with experience in training field.

  • Must have attended the appropriate/mandatory Government/IATA Aviation Security courses as required for Security Managers.

  • Skilled report writing skills are required and must be system literate and familiar with a range of IT systems.

  • Knowledge of current and developing technical equipment/facilities, techniques for loss reduction, audit processes and management practices.

  • Sound knowledge of National and International aviation security legislation​

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