Root Aviation​ Ltd. 

We are recruiting for the following role for a client based in the Middle East, please apply via the below form. Terms will be discussed at the time of application.

Position: CAMO Manager/EASA 147 Trainer- RW

Main Responsibilities/Duties

1.Ensure all employees develop their technical skills and knowledge and are able to perform their daily tasks and solve clients’ problems.
2.Conduct individual and team skills gap analyses
3. Develop technical training courses for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
4. Coordinate product-related trainings, including presentations of new features and simulation activities in a demo environment
5. Ensure all new hires undergo basic technical training (e.g. on computer setup and security guidelines)
6. Liaise with industry experts and organize workshops and classroom-style trainings
7. Schedule in-house educational sessions using e-learning platforms
8. Measure improvements in employees’ job performance at the end of each course
9. Gather feedback from trainees and instructors and recommend suggestions to the learning process 
10. Identifying training needs, developing educational curricula and material and increasing trainees’ engagement with learning sessions. 
11. Establishment and development of continuing airworthiness policy.
12. Analysis of the effectiveness of the Maintenance Programme
13. Selection of the CAR 145 maintenance contractors
14. Assisting the Quality Manager in ensuring that the Quality System required by CAR M.712 is effective in its application
15. Monitoring the implementation of the Maintenance Programmes
16. Airworthiness Directive review and embodiment
17. Monitoring of Line and base maintenance
18. Airworthiness Review Certificate for each helicopter operated by the company remains valid, in respect of; the airworthiness of the helicopter, the expiry date specified on the Certificate.
19. Training Policy and the Review of training needs and personnel requirements at intervals not exceeding two years.


1. Work experience as an Aviation Training Manager, at least during 5 years
2. Experience of at least 10 years as EASA Helicopters Engineer, with AW139 type rating 
3. Holds an EASA/GCAA license with AW139 type
4. Experience in developing technical course content both for novices and experts with technology
5. Holding a Bachelor Degree education
6. Knowledge of web-based learning platforms and modern educational techniques
7. Train the Trainer Certification
8. Be current in the following training:

  • EWIS

  • HF

  • FTS 1 & 2

  • Aviation Laws

  • Dangerous Goods Cat 6

  • FOD

  • SMS