Director of Quality Assurance

​The Director of Quality Assurance (DQA) is directly responsible to the Accountable Manager for, auditing and monitoring of the Quality System. The DQA shall establish an audit program defined in Part 3 of this manual that monitors, but is not limited, to the following activities:

1. Organisational Structure
2. Flight Operations
3. Maintenance and Engineering
4. Flight and Cabin Crew Training
5. Ground Operations
6. Aviation Security
7. Contracted organisations supply of services and goods
8. Customer satisfaction

The Director of Quality Assurance is responsible for:-

1. The development, establishment and management of our Quality Assurance System.
2. Production of Quality Procedures and audit plans, producing revisions to the Quality Assurance System Procedures.
3. Carrying out audits, and ensuring other co-opted nominated auditors carry out audits in accordance with our Quality Assurance Audit Program.
4. Ensuring audit reports and findings are raised, appropriate action is taken following receipt of audit reports and retention of audit reports and correspondence related thereto are retained for five years following the audit.
5. Raising any quality issues with the Accountable Manager which he believes are not being addressed adequately.
6. Liaison with the Quality Assurance Departments of other contracted goods and services suppliers regarding Quality matters.
7. Monitoring that contracted goods and services, are carried out to the required standard in accordance with the contract in force.
8. Monitoring the effectiveness of the Quality System.
9. Providing bi-annual assessment reports and significant quality audit trend analysis in relation to Quality audits and quality standards to enable the Accountable Manager and departmental heads to review trends or required improvements.
10. Liaison with the CAA with respect to Quality matters

During Absence - In the absence of the Director of Quality Assurance, the Safety Manager assumes his duties with the exception of the audit function and decisions concerning policy or procedural changes.

Minimum Qualification requirements – Persons holding this post must;
Have undergone and passed a formally recognised Training Course in Auditing.
Minimum Experience requirements – Persons holding this post must have at least;
Ten (10) Years’ experience in a supervisory or management role within an airline environment.
Three (3) Years’ experience in auditing airline operations and/or maintenance facilities.

Knowledge requirements –
1. Relevant parts of operational requirements and procedures
2. The need for, and content of, the relevant parts of Our Operations Manual
3. Knowledge of quality systems.
4. Knowledge of the company Maintenance Management Exposition.
5. Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalised training course.
6. Knowledge of maintenance methods.


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