Helicopter Rescue Swimmers

1.    CONSULTANT shall perform the role of a helicopter rescue swimmer (rescue swimmer) for the Search and Rescue Unit of the Aviation Department (“SAR”).  

2.    CONSULTANT shall for the entire period of service have medical malpractice insurance  


3.1         CONSULTANT shall be a properly trained and conditioned to assist persons in distress in the land and maritime environments for SAR missions.  Without limiting the foregoing, throughout the Term, CONSULTANT shall maintain the highest level of physical fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance and be able to function for 30 minutes in heavy seas performing as a rescue swimmer. CONSULTANT shall have no outstanding orthopaedic or other health or fitness limitations that limit CONSULTANT’s ability to perform the WORK.  From time to time, upon request of the Company Representative and/or Aviation Helicopter Management during the Term, and on a monthly basis at a minimum, CONSULTANT shall demonstrate his ability to perform the following minimum physical fitness requirements:
·                  complete 100 or more push-ups in 2 minutes;

·                  complete 100 or more sit-ups in 2 minutes;

·                  complete at least 15 consecutive pull-ups without rest;

·                  swim at least 500 meters in 12 minutes;

·                  run at least 1.5 miles in 10 minutes;

·                  swim at least 25 meters completely underwater; and

·                  perform a two-man buddy for at least 200 meters

3.2         CONSULTANT’s vision shall be 20/100 correctable to 20/20 in both eyes with no colour blindness.

4.            SCOPE OF WORK:

The WORK shall include, without limitation, the following duties.

5.1           CONSULTANT shall perform the role of a helicopter rescue swimmer for SAR and other helicopter missions including rescuing people who are: stranded in the sea, abroad capsized or stranded vessels at sea, people stranded or in danger on land, rescuing civilians during natural disasters and if required collaborating with other Saudi Arabian forces, such as the Coast Guard, for joint rescue missions. 

5.2           CONSULTANT shall be fully aware of the latest published versions of both the Helicopter Flight Operations Manual and Helicopter Flight Crew Operating Manual which incorporate the guidelines, policies and standards for all flight operations personnel. 

5.3           CONSULTANT shall exercise initiative and good judgment at all times, including while engaged in SAR or other helicopter missions or operations. CONSULTANT shall ensure the safety and protection of the helicopter at all times as well as the safety of passengers and cargo. 

5.4           CONSULTANT shall comply with Aviation Department operating rules and safety regulations.

5.5           In conjunction with the other helicopter crew performing a mission, CONSULTANT shall make an assessment of the conditions on scene when performing a SAR or other helicopter mission and consider the following:

o   Sea state

o   Water/air temperature

o   Predatory marine life

o   Other environmental factors

o   CONSULTANT’s ability to safely complete the mission

The decision to deploy the CONSULTANT as a rescue swimmer in support of a mission shall always be made by the helicopter’s Pilot in Command, Company Representative and/or Aviation Management, provided, however, such deployment decision will be informed by CONSULTANT’s reasonable assessment of (i) his capability to perform the relevant WORK and (ii) the potential of the relevant WORK causing an adverse impact to the relevant helicopter mission.

5.6           CONSULTANT shall be knowledgeable of helicopter hoist systems and their operation including the rescue hoist, cable, hook, and pendant as well as performing visual and other required inspections. 

5.7           CONSULTANT shall perform maintenance and inspection of helicopter’s life support systems. 

5.8           When required, CONSULTANT shall also perform the role of a helicopter hoist operator and provide aircrew leadership and manage the cabin and personnel of the helicopter.   As a hoist operator CONSULTANT shall safely insert and extract aircrew personnel or equipment to and from areas unsafe for the helicopter to land.  CONSULTANT shall be qualified to accurately communicate with pilots to manoeuvre the helicopter over a position and to safely hoist personnel or equipment to and from any land or maritime location. 

5.9           When required, CONSULTANT shall provide emergency medical assistance to employees, contractors or others including but not limited to the following:

·         Basic Life Support

·         Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

·         Bandage wounds

·         Perform assessments of a patient’s condition and determine a course of treatment

·         Follow guidelines learned in training or received from physicians who oversee their work

·         Use backboards and restraints to keep patients still and safe in the helicopter during transport

·         Help transfer patients to the emergency department of a healthcare facility and report their observations and treatment to the staff

·         Create a patient care report, documenting the medical care given to the patient

·         Replace used supplies and check or clean equipment after use

·         If a patient has a contagious disease, decontaminate the interior of the helicopter and report the case to the proper authorities

·         If required, give medications orally and intravenously, interpret electrocardiograms (EKGs) and be able use other monitors and complex equipment.

5.10        CONSULTANT shall provide ongoing training for rescue swimming, hoist rescue and emergency medical assistance to other employees or CONTRACTORS.

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