Senior Ramp Supervisor

Job Summary
We are looking for an Arabic and English speaking Ramp supervisor for our client based in the Middle East. The candidate must have previous experience with all G.S.E.

Job Responsibilities

1. Effectively supervise and control the Ramp Services as a whole
2. Supervise and co-ordinate aircraft towing, push-backs and servicing
3. Rostering of all ramp staff to ensure smooth aircraft handling
4. Holiday Planning for all staff
5. Ensure that aircraft are correctly chocked and that they are moved in accordance with the Company Procedures
6 Accident and incident reporting
7. Implementing Internal Audit findings
8. Serviceability reporting and maintenance recording of ramp equipment
9. Ensuring efficient, effective and hygienic methods of sanitary removal and sanitary services
10. Check, at the commencement of the shift, that all ground equipment used in the movement of aircraft is available and serviceable
11. Ensuring that the ramp team is familiar with the correct use of all ground equipment for each aircraft type
12. Ensure that standards are published and disseminated as and when a change occurs
13. Monitor all tasks and assignments according to schedule and procedures daily
14. Liaise daily with the Customer Services Supervisor to ensure a seamless service between the office and ramp
15. Create and implement training programs to ensure that new and existing staff meet the required performance standards

Root Aviation​ Ltd.